Hello Expat. Make yourself at home! Hello Expat. Make yourself at home!


Vaes Finance launches a new label: Dutch Mortgage Specialist

The number of foreign employees working and living as expat in the Netherlands is slowly, but continuously, growing. Vaes Finance also notices this because of the number of mortgage loan applications from expats who ask for financial advice.

A second trend that can be observed for a while now, is the fact that expats more often choose to buy a house in the Netherlands, instead of renting one. In order to be of better service to expats, and in order to guide them properly in their new home country, Vaes Finance established a separate label. This label is especially for expats living in the Netherlands, regarding financial and mortgage advice and called: Dutch Mortgage Specialist, in short DMS. Hello Expats!

With regard to your taxes, you are in a good place

The Netherlands has been acknowledged by expats for years as a nice place to work and live. This has its tax advantages. Expats often make a decent living and they don’t need to pay taxes over 30% of their gross income. They also qualify for mortgage interest relief. Furthermore, the Netherlands has an excellent health care and a proper infrastructure. Many expats are drawn to the Dutch knowledge culture, for most of them are highly educated. However, to be frank, we secretly believe that expats are also drawn to our cheese and stroopwafels.

Buying a house is more profitable for an expat

Many expats decide to buy a house. Half of the expats stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of five years and the rest even longer. Apart from this, the rental prices of a house in the Netherlands are high and with respect to the current inflation, it is wise to invest your money in unmovable property. If you decide to leave the Netherlands though, it is easy to sell your house because of the current shortage at the housing market.

Dutch Mortgage Specialist is an independent label that takes responsibility for the expats’ needs and that offers a maximum guidance to find the mortgage with the best rates. We take care of the entire process of buying a house, from start to finish. Please stop by to have a cup of coffee at our office without obligation (of course your coffee comes with a Dutch stroopwafel!).