DMS offers the convenience of<br>all services under one roof

Leave nothing to chance    

DMS offers the convenience of
all services under one roof

Leave nothing to chance    

In addition to mortgages and banking matters relating to the purchase of a new home, we also organise every conceivable type of insurance. These include insurances related to the home, contents, liability, car, life, disability and funeral. We hope, of course, that you will never have to use them, but it will put your mind to rest to know that all is well provided for. And if something should go wrong, we are just one phone call away and will organise everything.

Together we will consider your needs and requirements and compare these to any insurance you may already have. DMS offers the advantage of providing all services under one roof. Nice and easy!

All type of insurances

All type of insurances

Content insurance

Content insurance helps you in case of burglary, fire, storm, leakage or just bad luck. A disaster never comes at a good time. And then all the hassle starts: constantly being referred to another department on the phone, long waits, annoying waiting music, lines that are suddenly cut, being sent from pillar to post. At DMS, one single phone call to your own contact person is all it takes. We will then organise everything.

Liability Insurance

The precious Ming-vase! Your cute puppy who has never done anything like that before! An accident can happen at any time. Just as well that you can always fall back on your liability insurance. This insurance covers all damage caused by you or your pet to others. DMS acts as an intermediary between you and the insurance company. We mediate and settle the claim. And perhaps just a finishing touch from you by sending a sorry card, a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates?

Car insurance

Driving a car without insurance is not allowed in the Netherlands. You must at least have third-party insurance. A car is a huge purchase which you will want to treat with due care. We will find the insurance that suits you best. Do you need a more extensive car insurance? What is the amount of your excess? And in case you run into a pole? Just call, email or send a text. Then we will solve it.

Disability insurance

Although people tend to think: 'this won't happen to me', it happens more often than people realise unfortunately. One in seven people is (partly) disabled. Falling ill unexpectedly or having an accident, these things do happen. Secure your future and choose your disability insurance. This insurance ensures that you can always continue to pay your mortgage and continue to live in your home. A reassuring guarantee in a situation like this. Together we consider your needs and then we will recommend a cover and company that suits you best.


This is only a small selection of the insurances offered by DMS.
Would you like to learn more or find out which insurances would
be suitable for you in your specific situation?

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