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About DMS

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DMS is specialised in guiding you as an expat through the whole process from start to end and along the way we can give you some useful tips on daily Dutch life.

DMS? DMS? Sounds new, but is familiar? Oh yes, a new label of Vaes Finance!? Exactly! Vaes Finance is a well-known and professional mortgage and insurance firm and has made its name in the Dutch market. Our team has a great record - you could check the reviews on 'Advieskeuze.nl' - regarding mortgage applications for Expats. Because of our experience and the enormous volume of mortgage applications we have decided to start a new brand which is specialized for Expats.

DMS will guarantee a 100% full service for you as an Expat and for all your ongoing businesses to secure a comfortable life in the Netherlands.
You're in good hands at DMS!

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Five reasons to go for DMS?

Five reasons to go for DMS?

We are independent

We will find you the most suitable mortgage with the best rates on the market. We have the knowledge on mortgages for expats and compare mortgages, mortgage types, interest rates and conditions of all mortgage providers.

We take it personal

Buying a house in foreign country is a major step in your life! We will be your personal and dedicated guide from start to key. We will take the time you need to go through all the options and conditions. We will pick up the phone and will be available for all your questions and we guarantee that you will experience the process as pleasant and easy.

We go for it!

We will listen, explain, advise and assist you along the whole process. We will arrange the official paperwork and make sure we point out the fine print in the contract carefully. We will sort out the notary and organise your tax credits.

We wish you all the best in your new home

We will provide our best assets: our knowledge and experience. We will give you information you can rely on, explain it clearly, give professional advice, full service and the best support. We will avoid unexpected costs and will enjoy the end result together with you: you can purchase the house of your dreams. All there is left to do is wish you all the best en hope you will feel at home in The Netherlands.

We will lead you in only five steps to a mortgage for your new home

You can read more about our five steps to a mortgage on this page.

Just call Team DMS and let’s get started!

DMS offers more than 25 banks/lenders

ABN Amro
Merius Hypotheken
Centraal Beheer
NIBC Direct
BLG Wonen
Munt Hypotheken
Attens Hypotheken
LOT Hypotheken
Triodos Bank
Nationale Nederlanden


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