Mortgage conditions for expats Mortgage conditions for expats


Mortgage conditions for expats

Mortgage conditions applying to you, as an expat, are not standard and differ per mortgage lender – making it hard for expats to find a mortgage that fits their situation without sound advice. 

EU or non-EU citizen?

Are you an EU or non-EU citizen? Expats originating from EU countries have more lenders to choose from. Unfortunately, the choice for highly skilled migrants from outside the EU is more limited. Do you have a permanent or temporary resident permit? Some mortgage lenders are willing to offer a full mortgage without stipulating that the expat works in the Netherlands for a minimum number of years. Others require them to have been residing in the Netherlands for at least three to five years. Do you receive your wages in euros? Some of the conditions are in line with those for Dutch citizens, such as the height of your income and debts, the property value, your marital status, and your employment contract. Do you have an indefinite contract or an intention statement showing that your temporary contract will be turned into an indefinite one? In case you don’t, the lender will consider your average income over the past three years. Some mortgage lenders maintain strict conditions for expats while others are more lenient.

We are up to date with all the stipulations, conditions, and obligingness of over 25 mortgage lenders within our network. Based on your information and situation, we can make the first selection of possible options. After that, we can sit down together and fine-tune the options based on your wishes and requirements. Don’t worry, we always manage to find our way through the financial and conditional maze that the world of mortgages appears to be and obtain the best-suitable mortgage for our expat clients.

One-stop shop for expats

The Dutch housing market is overheated. So how to get your foot between the door? Using the services offered by Dutch Mortgage Specialist will bring you ahead of the competition. Not only do we offer expert mortgage advice to expats but we have exclusive agreements with many new housing development projects in the Netherlands. This certainly brings a new house within range.

Energy costs are skyrocketing, so a new-build house is a wise and viable option as these costs are fast becoming the heaviest burden on your overall mortgage and housing costs. New-build houses are exceptionally insulated and – generally – are not connected to the gas mains, have solar panels, and include a heat pump and/or benefit from a ground-coupled heat exchanger unit. Check our website for available new-build houses or projects soon coming onto the market.

Our only condition is that you are an expat!

DMS is specialised in guiding expats through the entire process of securing a mortgage – and while we’re at it, we can give you some useful tips on living in the Netherlands.