Sarah Kingma about DMS Sarah Kingma about DMS


A full service package! You can ask me anything you want about electrons, quarks or quantum entanglement, but if I have to arrange my own mortgage I get bogged down in rules, interest and the small print. I'd much rather have the whole process taken care of by someone I can trust. 

And I mean the whole process. The search for a home, the purchase, the negotiations, the mortgage, the costs, the insurance. I'll even happily listen to tips for interior design. A sparring partner who supports you throughout every stage of the process. Guides you, does research for you, presents you with their findings and gives good and honest advice. In short, someone who represents my interests and makes me feel that the decision we're making is the right one. That's how I ended up at DMS.

DMS was set up based on the idea that an expat wants to focus on whatever they're expert in and that everything around that should be arranged well. When you're in a country where you don't speak the language or know your way around, DMS's personal approach just makes you feel a little more at home. Plus you have direct access to a large number of new-build housing projects that DSM is exclusively affiliated with and you can make use of their network of estate agents and other property parties. DMS is able to do just that little bit more for you.