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Het ZuideR Carré Het ZuideR Carré


Het ZuideR Carré

Vreewijk lives! This quintessential part of Rotterdam is becoming ever more popular and is a monument in its own right. Right at the heart of this hidden gem in “Zuid”, the former Zuiderzee hospital is a real landmark. Living here is a dream of many. And this dream may soon come true.

73 loft apartments are being realised in the imposing Carré building, ranging from compact to wonderfully spacious. Such as the two-floor residences on the ground floor/basement, which are perfect as a family home. The ZuideR Carré apartments are ideal for people who enjoy urban living! No matter which apartment you decide to go for, they are all impressive, robust, and cool. The ZuideR Carré reflects Rotterdam in every way.

Would you like to know whether you can increase your chances to be offered one of the ZuideR Carré loft apartments? If so, then it is certainly good to know that your financial situation can match the monthly costs. This is what a mortgage statement shows.

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